Introducing eEWMS - the Easy Website Management System

Posted by James on 2020-09-14

eWMS is short for Easy Website Management System. It is JADWeb's website management software for its customers - the way they update their websites. You're using it right now infact, this blog is powered by an early beta of eWMS. eWMS will include features for a variety of different potential clients, as this will save development time in the future. Below you can see a screenshot of eWMS' admin portal as it currently looks.

eWMS Administration Portal

Obviously, this isn't complete, as I am quite a busy person, however I am working hard to get this ready as soon as I possibly can - ready for me to start accepting new customers. eWMS will be a great asset, as it means that customers can have bespoke, custom built, websites that they can update themselves. This will save both myself and customers time when they want to update their websites - they will be able to update certain parts themselves.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read about eWMS - and stay tuned for more updates as it progresses and gets ready to be released.