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Hobby and Interest websites – why you need one

If you have an interest, you are likely to share it with others, aren’t you? You may have a blog, a Twitter page, a Youtube channel or a Flickr page. You may make addons and mods for your favourite games.

People want quick and easy access to your content, so that they can view your posts, photos and videos, or download your mods and addons, from one place. Having an online presence such as a website allows all of this to be collated into one area, allowing easy access for others that share hobbies and interests with you. If people can access your content easily, they’re more likely to visit again and again, which would mean that you could make money through advertising, through donations and through other means.

You want all of this, don’t you? It’s the best way to reach your audience. And JADWeb can help. JADWeb can help with the development, management and support of your hobby, interest and gaming related websites. All you need to provide is a domain name (e.g. and web hosting (which JADWeb can advise on).

So, now’s the time – contact JADWeb today and get yourself a website for your interest or hobby today!

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