Website Pricing
How do I price things?

I try to price things simply. To do this, I charge a £100 deposit prior to starting work on your website. This £100 charge contributes to the overall cost of the website once that is determined based on your requirements. Following this, I offer two ways to pay for maintenance - monthly and yearly. You can view my packages below for more information.

Custom Developed Websites
Features Basic Premium (Monthly) Premium Plus (Yearly) Ultimate (Yearly)
Custom Website 1 1 1 2
Domain and Hosting Configuration Yes* Yes* Yes Yes
Email Support after Launch No Yes Yes Yes
Updates & Changes after Launch No** 4 per month** Unlimited Unlimited
Price Variable minus £100 deposit Basic + £95 per month Basic + £820 per year £2500 per year

*Additional monthly cost for hosting, additional yearly cost for a domain if paid for by JADWeb. If setup using customer details, this is not charged by JADWeb.
**Additional changes and updates can be purchased for an additional charge for these packages.

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